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8 Amazing Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Coconut Oil health benefits are vast and varied and its popularity has soared recently thanks to the media and health experts suddenly becoming aware of its amazing properties. Coconut Oil is now considered a ‘superfood’ within the alternative health industry and this is because it can be used in so many different ways.

In the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, in your beauty or health routine or used for various other surprising purpose…these are just some of the many coconut oil health benefits. Here are eight of the best reasons to use Coconut Oil…

1.It contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. The Coconut Oil contains Lauric Acid and this is a medium-chain fatty acid that can fight bad bacteria. This means it can prevent candida and the spread of viruses. Whenever feeling sick or to reduce symptoms of nausea, it’s highly recommended to rub Coconut Oil onto any areas that need attention such as the skin, hair or nails. This can reduce any risk of bacterial or fungal attack.

2.It’s anti-inflammatory. The high levels of antioxidants found in Coconut Oil have been shown to have a strong effect at lowering inflammation in the body. Research has also suggested that Coconut Oil health benefits are anti-inflammatory and contain antioxidant actions that are highly effective at reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

3.Supportive of cardiovascular health. As a rich source of saturated fat, Coconut Oil can actually benefit your arteries – believe it or not. The saturated fats do not clog the arteries or increase the risk of heart attacks (as was previously thought), but it can promote healthy cholesterol levels. It does this by increasing HDL (good) cholesterol levels while lowering the LDL (bad) cholesterol. This means that adding Coconut Oil into the diet is therefore good for lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease.

4.Improved digestion and nutrient absorption. The saturated fat in Coconut Oil means the body is more readily able to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and minerals along with calcium and magnesium. A good way to do this is to add Coconut Oil in with your salad so as to absorb the vital nutrients, once you eat it. Taking Omega-3 fatty acids in the same way is also beneficial and a good way to ensure you are receiving the nutrients. When Omega-3’s are taken with Coconut Oil it improves their bioavailability and this means that the body is better able to break down the proteins for use within the body.

5.Can support weight loss. Coconut Oil is useful for losing weight as it contains medium-chain fatty acids that research suggests can help with reducing abdominal obesity in women. It can also help to improve the function of the thyroid and the endocrine system too. The body’s metabolic rate can also increase as it removes any stress on the pancreas meaning more energy is burnt, resulting in weight loss. Anyone looking to lose weight will benefit from including Coconut Oil into their diet on a daily basis for this reason.

6.Can provide relief for candida. Coconut Oil health benefits can ease inflammation caused by yeast imbalances in the body such as candida – both internally and externally. The high moisture retaining capacity of Coconut Oil means that it can help with eliminating Candida albicans.

7.Strengthens immunity. Coconut oil can fight harmful bacteria as it contains antimicrobial lipids along with capric acid, caprylic acid and lauric acid that has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. This is converted into monolaurin in the body and this research suggests that it may be an effective way to deal with bacteria and viruses along with diseases like herpes, influenza and even HIV. Coconut oil health benefits can help in fighting this any harmful bacteria and protecting the immune system.
8.Dental care. Coconut oil can facilitate the absorption of calcium into the body. This can help with the development of strong teeth and even stop tooth decay. New research is also suggesting that Coconut Oil can be beneficial in the reduction of plaque and gingivitis.

Recommended Examples

Coconoil™ – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

This is made from Certified Organic Coconuts and is a rich source of Lauric Acid which contains strong anti-microbial properties. Available from Good Health Naturally, this pure Coconut Oil is abundant in medium-chain fatty acids and may support support a healthy thyroid and proper weight management. Coconut oil also promotes soft and supple skin and is ideal for use in place of oils or butter.

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