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We commit to Worship, Share and Care.

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News and Notices

Parish Diary and forward dates :- Click here

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Shoe Box Appeal — meets on Thursdays in the Noble Room at 7.30pm.

Home Knitters Wanted We can supply wool and patterns suitable for inclusion in the shoeboxes. Please contact Barbara Higson – 608 4184

Tuesday Ladies Badminton are looking for players, meeting 2pm to 4pm Tuesdays in the Barrett Hall, for more details please contact Jean Creighton on 608 5821.

Talking Tots provides fun, friendly activities that help children to build on their natural speech and language development while making friends and having lots of fun. Each class is carefully designed to build children’s communication while developing important social skills such as turn-taking, sharing and cooperation.

Prenton Ridge Bridge Club are looking for new members, please come along in pairs on Tuesdays at 7.15pm in the Coronation Room at St Stephens.

Fitness League is here! Thursdays in the Barrett Hall at 10.00am, it’s a fantastic way to get fit and meet new friends, come along if you want to have FUN!

Dancing tots is still taking place in the Coronation Room Wednesday mornings, bring your pre-schoolers to this lovely little dance class 10.00am-11.00am

Sidesperson & Sound Desk team 
We are looking for new people to join the sidesperson & sound desk team, if you are interested please contact, June Foster or Robert Vague.

Knit and Natter
This is a group for people who are interested in sewing, knitting, embroidery or tatting. They will meet every second week on Saturday's at 2.00 pm.
For more details contact Chris Thomas on 608 8325.

The G.A.P. (Growth Action Planning).

Please continue to pray for us as we seek to discern God’s will and direction for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, you command and inspire your church to make disciples: may our church be a joyful and vibrant community of welcome, worship and service, spreading hope to those around us and attracting others to the fire of your love;
may your Spirit be at work through our Growth Action Planning, helping us to catch a vision for your church and to serve you faithfully, to your glory and honour. Amen.

Changing the world—Join in by swapping your usual stuff for Fairtrade stuff. Swapping your usual stuff for Fairtrade stuff is a brilliantly small step to making the world a fairer place. It means that you get to show your support for developing world producers through what you buy. Two billion people - a third of humanity - survive on less than $2 a day. Unfair trade rules keep them in poverty, but they face the global challenges of food shortages and climate change too. Fairtrade believes that developing world producers should be in control of their own lives, by getting a better deal for the work that they do. This is a different way of doing business. It's a way that puts the poorest of the world first. Look around our map and find out how Fairtrade is changing the lives of farming communities worldwide. And learn a bit about the stuff that you’re swapping too.

Flower List There is a new list at the back of church for donations for flowers in 2015. Please add your name and telephone number in your chosen week.

If your flowers are in memory of someone and you would like a note in the newsletter please let the office know when leaving your donation there.

Morning Prayers
There is Morning Prayer during the week to start the day at 8.30am Monday to Friday.

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Bible Study Home Groups

Please contact the Parish Office for further details

Prayer Alert

A weekly e-mail prayer resource providing guide-lines for prayer relating to the British Isles and Ireland.

Christian Healing Week

12th October to 18th October each year.
Seven Days of Prayer for the Christian Healing Ministry.
Click here for further details.

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Search the Bible, see how the Bible is changing lives and find out about the Bible

Above is a copy of a ‘Mural’ designed and painted by pupils at Devonshire Park School with the help of an artist from the Williamson Art gallery. It depicts three important building that the children felt were important in their lives. They are from left to right – Tranmere Rovers, St Stephen’s Church and the School itself.