Welcome to The Aloe Lady!

Hello and welcome to The Aloe Lady. What are we and what do we do? I'm sure you are wondering. Well, The Aloe Lady is me, Zoë Bowers. I am an independent distributor for Forever Living Products (FLP), the world leader in aloe vera products. This is my website, not that of FLP, and the information given here does not necessarily reflect the company as a whole.

On this site you will find information on our product range (at present you cannot buy from this site directly but can email me to make an order - we prefer a slightly more personal contact!), read customer testimonials, find out how to join this amazing company and soon much more. As you may have gathered, the site is not quite finished yet, so if you spot any glaring mistakes or can think of improvements please let me know.

What does your future hold?

As we approach working life may of us dream. Dreams about traveling the world, big houses, fast cars and fantastic holidays. For some this dream becomes reality but they are few, for the majority real life seems to set in. The mortgage, the car loan, the bills, maybe school fees and life starts to run away.

Why spend your life working to build someone else's dream - why not work to build your own?

Rex Maughan

Do you want to achieve that dream? I know I do.

I want to pay off our mortgage and earn a pension that we can live off comfortably. I want to be able to send our daughter to the school she would like to go to, rather than where we can afford. And this is why I joined Forever Living Products. This company is helping me to realise my dreams.

If you want to make your dreams a reality and are prepared to work for yourself then go to the business page (follow the link at the top) to find out more about how this amazing company can offer you the opportunity to change your future.


Get busy. Your future starts today.

Jan Ruhe